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Real Time Cooking with Automated Adjustments

Product Description

i.Cook is product management at its simplest. i.Cook is utilized in restaurants that prepare and hold food in 10 minute to six hour increments, in multiple locations such as hot holding units and product display cases.

A dedicated display tells you what to cook and when to cook it. Historical sales data is used to create a forecast. Real time data is use to insure data is current. Receipt data is combined with real time usage procedures prep labels for just the right amount of prepared condiments as required.

How It Works

  • Based on supplied forecast, iCook automatically calculates how much product is needed.
  • Adjustments are made using “Real Time” sales input.
  • iCook subtracts how much is needed from how much is held.
  • iCook displays a list of products to cook.
  • The user cooks the product and starts the product hold timer.
  • The product comes off the list.

Quality Evalution

“Real Time” feedback gives the staff positive reinforcement and clues for increased performance. Detailed OPS Compliance reports by restaurant. Collect and view by district also available.

Online Reports

Insuring product is not abused is critical to serving a quality product. iQuality Online measures inconsistencies of extending hold times, over cooking or under cooking.