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Version 5.0 – Included with Kitchen Minder Systems shipped before March 20, 2014

If you have downloaded and installed v6.0 without purchasing the license in error and want to downgrade back to v5.0, download and install the software below:

If you want to upgrade your PCMinder Software to the latest version of 5.0 download and install the software below:

Download v5.0 Kitchen Minder/PCMinder software

Kitchen Minder™ Documents

KITCHEN MINDER 2™ System Reference Manual

Download 892510-OPT3-EN(A).zip


Download 5.0 Instructions (.pdf)

Download KM Installation Instructions (.pdf)

Download KM Installation Pictorial_2.3 (.pdf)

Download KM Equipment Guide (.pdf)


Download KM Inter 5.0 AnswerKey (.pdf)

Download KM 5.0 Advanced Self Study Guide (.pdf)

Download KM Train Right Guide (.pdf)

Download KM Work Right Guide (.pdf)

Download KM Test Right (.pdf)

Download KM Test Right Answer Key (.pdf)

Download Quality Control Guidelines

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