Product Rotation Labels

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Product Description

i.Print is an on demand labeling system that is used for both product rotation labeling and Grab ‘n’ Go display labels with nutritional facts, ingredient list and bar codes. Products are loaded onto a color touch screen display which allows the user to easily select and print labels in just seconds.


  • i.Print eliminates hand written labels
  • Printed labels are easy to read
  • Expiration dates are precise and accurate
  • Eliminate inventory control and the reorder of multiple pre-printed labels.
  • Eliminate the storage and dispensing of multiple rolls of labels.
  • Limited Time offerings can be programmable and produced without having to order extra labels.

Product Lists

Product lists are uploaded into the device manually through a USB thumb drive or for enterprise solutions, automatically through the cloud using a network Ethernet connection. Product lists are edited through Microsoft Excel. Easily make changes and add new products as needed for your menu. i.Prep tracks what has been printed throughout day parts. Data viewable on application.

Item Amount Date Time Emp
Ranch Salad 8 10/31/13 11:15am PJS
Mixed Salad 5 10/31/13 11:23am PJS
Cobb Salad 4 10/31/13 11:40am PJS
Caesar Salad 7 10/31/13 11:55am PJS

Grab ‘n’ Go Labels

i.Print produces Product Rotation labels containing all the information required to maintain quality and food safety of the labeled products such as product name, date and time prepped, date and time to discard. Using the log in feature the label can contain the initials of employee that prepped the product.

The i.Print printer can print on labels sizes from 1 x 1 inch to 2 inches in width to any custom length. This allows the labels format to be customized to your exact requirements. Other size printers are also available.