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We are a company that prides ourselves on thinking Outside the Box.

We have an in house engineering & design staff working 'round the clock to bring our customers new solutions for their food safety needs. Often we will bring our beta tests to Trade Shows to show YOU what is right around the corner. Contact Us today to see our newest products and give your kitchen an edge on the competition.


Founded in 1987, Integrated Control Corp. (ICC) maintains an impressive portfolio of patents and intellectual property achievements in the Food Service industry. Global in scope, ICC creates and markets innovative devices for non technical personnel that enable the control of complex equipment and processes with less error, focusing on human factors with solutions that emphasize the reduction of time and cost. As a leader in the field of food service equipment, ICC's main focus is in the areas of time, food temperature, food safety, product management and producing operational consistency to multi-unit facilities

Since 1987, Integrated Control Corporation has provided innovative design solutions to commercial, service and industrial markets. Its founders and principal design team lead a group of multi-disciplined professionals in the quest for product solutions for today's work for many international food service brands, worldwide. Integrated Control Corporation is at the leading edge of innovative control technologies because the company's proprietary approach to design focuses on how workers actually interact with the complex systems that they operate, and on how the industry itself functions in the process of translating product concepts into production-ready prototypes.

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ICC Core Values


Be creative, think outside the box. If one of our products somewhat meets a customer's needs, think of ways we can invent that little trick to make it work for them. Many of our product offerings are unique. ICC prides itself on its values; the core principles of our organization. The right combination of these values will bring the right people, product and process to ICC.

In House Manufacturer in USA

Inventiveness, Be creative, think outside the box. If one of our products somewhat meets a customer's needs, think of ways we can invent that little trick to make it work for them. Many of our product offerings are unique.

ICC encourages creative imagination and skill and applies the ideas that are inherent in the creative process to its product and process. Thinking out of the box and ingeniousness are qualities that are recognized because of the impact they have on everything we stand behind.

Act, Responsiveness

Comes down to a can do attitude. Can we answer a question, can we make first of it's kind product? The answer is always yes, yes, yes. Not later, not maybe, but yes.

Customer Service Professionals

ICC stands out in the marketplace by creating custom solutions for food service brands. ICC does not have a "As Is" attitude with our product line. Current existing product are often modified to better fit a brand's needs for national rollouts. ICC will go above and beyond to cater to specific needs. ICC also supports international roll outs for brands on a larger scale. Weather your brand is big or small, ICC has solutions for you. Looking for a custom solutions for a Temperature, Food Safety or Management problem? Call Us Today!

Mutual Success

This is about ''win-win''. Being a winner should never be at the expense of another.

Food Service Providers

Always strive for an arrangement that means both parties walk away from an encounter feeling it was a fair arrangement and happy. Ultimately we're grateful for your investments in our technology. In return, we offer responsive, patient and flexible customer service.


Have fun, laugh, sing, and be happy!

Smart Kitchen Tools

Find a way to make your every interaction fun. It can be as simple as a warm, unrushed greeting. The old saying if you smile when you say hello conveys happiness. It makes your day less stressful and makes people want to work with you.


Commit to doing the best you can every day.

Food Safety Tools

Doing stuff half way is very unfulfilling and not enjoyable. Make ICC your Passion, not just a job. First and foremost, we recognize that the right people can and do make a big difference.

ICC Solutions gives you assurance that you will always have reports to back up your Food Safety, Management and Quality Procedures.

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