Temp Minder™

Temp Minder™ assures all products are being stored at safe temperatures, continuously monitoring cold storage and hot holding. On-Site, email & mobile text message alerts allow you to solve problems before they happen.

  • Low annual monitoring fees
  • Truly wireless installation - no drilling into appliances
  • Multiple options for corrective actions
  • New mobile apps
  • Recording and Reporting temperature

Temp Minder™ consists of wireless temperature probes that transmit temperature data to a gateway. The gateway collects and displays data, which is also sent to the Temp Minder Online™ website via cloud technology. When the temperatures are out of range an audible alarm will sound. Additionally, off-site temperature alerts are sent via email, text message and/or automated voice messages.

Main Benefits

  • 24/7 Monitoring of All Refrigeration, Hot Holding And All Temperature Sensitive Materials

  • Gain Peace Of Mind Knowing You Will Be Alerted When Your Products Are Not at Standard Temperature.

  • Text, Email And On-Site Alerts

  • Door Open Sensors Available for Refrigeration and Holding Bins

  • See Truck Minder™ For Temperature Monitoring for Your Refrigerated and Reefer Trailers

  • Automatic Record Keeping Reports Are Available Online 24/7

Temperature reports can be viewed 24/7 online and saved for two years. A PC is not required on-site to collect data. Additional probe functions include: Door open sensors, remote probes, food simulators, humidity sensors and more are also available.

Why Choose Temp Minder™?

Most common uses for Temp Minder™ Wireless Temperature Monitoring:

  • Food Service Refrigeration Temperature Monitoring for Walk-Ins, Coolers, Freezers and More...

  • Large Facility Temperature Monitoring (Over 50 points of Refrigeration)

  • Hot Holding Temperature Monitoring for Quick Service and Casual Dining

  • Medical Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring

  • Farming, Produce and Plant Temperature Monitoring for Heat Sensitive Products

  • BBQ & Rotisserie Temperature Monitoring

Automatic 24/7 Recording Keeping with Temp Minder™

Temperature records are saved online automatically, for up to two years.

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