Scan ‘n’ Temp™

Scan ‘n’ Temp™ is the first temperature probe of its kind to reach the food service market. ICC has combined a bar code scanner with a line check food thermometer to offer an "All In One" tool for inventory and food probe temperatures.

Scan ‘n’ Temp™ has a main function as an instant read food thermometer which collects temperature data and sends to cloud storage using Bluetooth technology.

Easily programmable, Scan ‘n’ Temp™ records temperature ranges from -40°F to 300°F, tracks and measures wasted product, and is rugged enough for kitchen/production floor usage. As many as 1,000 items can be stored in the software. 24/7 access to reports is available utilizing cloud data management.

Temperature Logging has never been easier

A barcode scanner has been added that can be used for faster logging of your product items. Simply scan a barcode to take temperature readings and inventory. All collected data is sent to the cloud and combined into a report available online 24/7.

Scan ‘n’ Temp™ innovations go even further.

For the first time, you can print a Food Safety Label right from your Scan ‘n’ Temp™ unit. This patented technology is only available from Integrated Control Corp.

Add i.Print™ to your kitchen and instantly print food safety labels for your products. Labels can contain: Product Name, Prep Time, Expiration and NOW --- Temperature of prepped products. Simply press "Print a Label" on your Scan ‘n’ Temp™ unit and i.Print™ will print a label with temperature readings on your product rotation labels. This feature makes FDA and HACCP compliance easy.

Gain Peace of Mind with Scan ‘n’ Temp™

Food Safety records are saved online automatically, for up to two years, with daily use.

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